CAMILLA is a Norwegian singer/songwriter. She creates pop/rock music with 80s influences, while maintaining a modern sound. In addition to her melancholic voice, she’s also a keyboardist who loves to experiment with 80s synths along with traditional piano.

Her music is influenced by artists ranging from First Aid Kit and m83, all the way to Elton John and Tina Turner. Along with her both modern and vintage sound, she also uses traditional instruments such as violin and trumpet. Her expression lies somewhere in between the melancholic and the hopeful.

Her debut single "Selfmade World" was released in 2019, following in the singer/songwriter tradition. She has later released several singles in collaboration with The Norwegian Sound. She here developed a more modern sound, while maintaining the 80s elements.

Photos on this website are taken by Michael Mo, Thomas Torheim, Gio Trentadue and Geir Dokken.

Latest Track

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